Kia Ora!

We connect people wanting seasonal work with growers who need reliable workers. Fair pay for workers and great rates for growers guaranteed.

Looking for seasonal work? We connect you with a job and a ride to work

Looking for workers? We connect you with verified workers at great rates

What's a carload?

A carload is

a group of people who share a ride

to mahi/work together


Why jump in a carload?

We understand that getting to seasonal work can be hard especially if you:

  • Don't own any wheel

  • You can't hitch a ride with a friend or family member as it's out of their way

  • Your family are using the main vehicle

  • The cost of running your vehicle is too expensive

  • You're backpacking your way around NZ


That's why we want you to come work with us so we can get you there:

Get cash back in your hand for ferrying fellow workers to the job

Fellow workers in a carload ride for free

Saves time and reduces the stress of finding a ride

Meet people and widen your social networks

More people travelling together = less cars on the road

We ride together to reduce our CO2 emissions

Sweet! I'm keen to share my ride - how does it work?

Kaiti Mall

Manutuke Job Site

Get reimbursed up to $85 cash for sharing your ride with your fellow workers*

*Conditions apply. We provide the terms and conditions for carload drivers and passengers in your employment packs.